XSD2SVG Content Model Graphic API

This project provides an XSLT API to generate SVG Content Model Graphics for XSD components.


In professional schema documentations it is a main feature to have for each component of the schema a graphical representation of the content model of the component, so that the reader can illustrate the usage of the component at a glance.

A graphical representation can be simple, if the component has a simple content model. If the conent model is very complex the graphical representation helps to get an overview of it.

This library should help to create awesome schema documentations with nice graphics for the content models.

In the following you will find some simple and a more complex example.

Simple Element with Attributes


Simple Element with Child Elements


Example from DocBook with Complex Structure



  • Annotations can be shown as dynamic tooltips (if CSS is rendered directly)
  • SVG Graphics can be generated standalone (with included CSS) or to be embedded in a website with an existing CSS. For the second option, the needed CSS can be generated separately.
  • Configuration features
    • Customize the CSS.
    • Use a custom font to be embedded.
    • Provide a function to create links inside of the SVG graphics.


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